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What is A'therys Ascended?

A'therys Ascended is a Minecraft server. But not just any server. It's one of the few servers in existence where building, PvP, PvE, and roleplay coexist. It has its own resource pack, which makes the players' magnificent creations look a thousand times better.

The server's custom map is known simply as A'therys. It is huge (21,000 by 14,000 blocks) and contains six nations, each with its own colorful backstory:

  • Aloreh is a land of rolling plains and massive mountain ranges. While most of their citizens lie quietly in feudalistic servitude, the Noble Houses of Aloreh are the true politicians of the world. Their charisma and diplomatic skill are unmatched by any, the High Mediator serving true to his name in the international community. As this leaves very little time for true leadership of a Nation, a Lector General is usually appointed to serve in his or her stead.
  • Ar-Selukk is a land of vast desert, spotted with blooming oases and topped by the savanna to the north. While the Temple Government in Qhul-Rahav boasts ownership of the entire nation, the truth is far more complex. The land of Ar-Selukk is divided into a multitude of so-called City-States, each ruled by the most powerful of the many Tribes of the area. Qhul-Rahav and the City-State it truly governs are ruled by Raviyna av-Kulthanz, the Regent and the Immortal. Her power is such that she is able to destroy the most powerful Tribe with the equivalent of a mere glance in their direction. It is the luck of all in this pseudo-anarchic nation that she does not wield her authority over the entire desert.
  • The Daggerlands is a blasted volcanic wasteland bordered by inhospitable, deadly, and immensely dense swampland. Out of this unlikely recipe for survival, once ruled over by none other than the God of Cruelty himself, the most innovative and resolute nation in the world has risen. The Daggerlands is the land of the stubbornly ambitious - those who, when faced with stone and lava, envision farmland and flowing streams. More importantly, of all the nations in A'therys, the Daggerlanders count among them those with the knowledge and technology to get that done. With their massive airships, enormous towers, and vast webs of redstone and machinery, if there is a man of any respectable engineering skill, it is a sure bet that he hails from the Daggerlands. They are governed by a council of Magisters, democratically elected representatives of the Daggerlander States, who in turn elect from their ranks the Magister Elect, the effective Leader of the Daggerlands.
  • Ithero is a plains island nation (on two islands, to be precise) that is renowned for its naval strength... and its ducks. It is ruled by a military government, led by the Port Admiral.
  • Roreg Logh is a jungle theocracy, ruled by the High Priest of the three gods of death. Though some do choose to live above ground here, most of the population lives in enormous caverns underground.
  • Vrovona is a snowy northern land of feuding tribes and fortresses led by the High Priest (Paragon) of Vrovona (a god who named his nation after himself).

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Alternatively, there are many independent guilds, including Steryon, the dreaded pirate stronghold, and Cyridon Spire, home of the prestigious Arcane College.

Feel free to ask any questions you may have on the A'therys forums.

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